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Looking for an all-around comprehensive and professional security company in Leicester? Then look no further than Intraguard Security, the premier security company in Leicester for all your needs and requirements. We have been offering our security services throughout the Leicester and Leicestershire region for over 20 years and have built up quite the knowledge base for our services. We offer both commercial and residential security services, including; Manned Security Guarding, Security Patrolling / Monitoring, Reception Security, Keyholding, Lock & Unlock services, Property Security, CCTV and Guard Dogs. We also offer security for weddings, homes, shops, on-site and a whole host of other functions. Our expertly trained security guards are all SIA approved and certified. So, you can rest assured that you will be getting the very best security services in Leicester. We are not just a typical security company who will show up and simply do their thing. We are much more than that. We view every job as a project and carefully map out the fine detail for each project we work on. This is one of the many things that separate us from the rest. So, if you’re looking for a security company in Leicester, look no further than Intraguard Security. Call us on 0207 183 5016 to book your free consultation.

Vacant Property Security

Security Solutions for Your Vacant Property Vacant Properties are always a large target for thieves, vandals, and other intruders. Intraguard takes the responsibility of protecting your property against criminal damage using a wide range of security management methods, from manned guards to remote CCTV monitoring systems. With our free consultation, we’ll help arrange everything you […]

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Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

Security Solutions Via Remote Monitoring Remote CCTV Monitoring Services is a modern and innovative approach to security. Through an internet-connected network of cameras, Intraguard is able to monitor your property, whether it’s commercial or residential, from a remote location. In the event of a fire, crime or other emergencies, we are able to quickly respond […]

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Security Guarding

Manned  Guarding Intraguard offers a wide range of manned guard security staff for commercial, industrial and other business sites. While the innovative camera and ID systems have made it trickier than ever for vandals and thieves to cause problems on-site, nothing compares to the physical presence of a well-trained security officer. Boost security with manned […]

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Mobile Security Patrols

Intelligent Mobile Security Solutions to Reduce Risks Mobile Security Patrols offer effective security over a large area, with a central point of coordination so that you and your security staff are regularly kept up to date with the security performance on-site. Our professionally trained staff use clearly marked vehicles to patrol an area and keep […]

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Guard Dogs Patrols

Guard Dog Patrols Regular guard dog patrols offer a clear and visual deterrent to ‘would-be intruders’ scouting your property. It’s an effective method to prevent crime, especially theft and vandalism ­– as the sound of a guard dog alone can bring a halt to a trespasser. Security measures such as CCTV cameras and static guards […]

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Lock and Unlock Services

Professional Solutions to Lock and Unlock Your Business Intraguard offers Lock and Unlock services from our trusted staff, unlocking your business in the morning and making sure the premises are safe and secure in the evening. Much like Key Holding, our staff is well-trained and professional when it comes to handling your keys. We can also […]

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Key-holding Alarm Response

Rapid Alarm Response by Key Holding Security Professionals Key Holding is one of the most important security services we offer. Having trained staff who are ready to respond to an incident, break-in, or emergency on your site, is an invaluable asset and one we’re proud to cater to. Intraguard specialises in personalised services that are […]

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Security Reception Services

Professional Reception Security Solutions   The reception is the face of your business, handling the everyday traffic of clients, staff, and visitors. Our security reception officers are well trained and vetted for professionalism – each dedicated to becoming an integral part of the ordinary operation of your business. Reception security staff are client-facing employees and […]

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Fire Marshal Services

Fire Watch Services & Marshaling  Fire Marshaling services are an important risk control measure to ensure your property or workplace is prepared should there be an emergency, potentially a fire. Intraguard can assist in implementing and improving emergency procedures at your property. We prevent emergencies by monitoring the appropriateness of fire risk control measures. Our […]

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Leicester Based Security Services with Exceptional Standards

Our objective is simple; to keep you and your surroundings safe. We understand the importance of keeping things safe within the city of Leicester, and aim to do exactly that within each project we work on. This is why we stay at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, to ensure that we stay ahead of the game in terms of innovation and application. So that for every sector we serve, we can supply you with the most professional and innovative security services possible. Here are some of the sectors we serve – Retail, Construction, Corporate, Property, Industrial, Logistics and more. We also take on health and safety policies to ensure that we are fully compliant with the relevant legislations. This is to ensure that our staff adhere to the guidelines of security. And in the same respect, we also take environment, quality and corporate responsibility very seriously. So, you will be in good hands when you take out our services.


Security Guarding Services in Leicester

A Leicester Security Company That Delivers a Safe & Secure Environment

We understand that not everyone can afford security services; especially in this day and age. This is why when you consult with us, we will provide a thorough plan of what it is you need, and price up accordingly. Customer service is at the heart of what we do and we pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible solutions. Simply consult with us by either calling us, or completing the form below. Our friendly team will talk through the whole process and offer you the services which will best suit your needs. Our options are totally flexible so we’ll be able to work around you. Get in touch by telephone on 0207 183 5016 or send us an email: info@intraguard.co.uk

We look forward to discussing your security requirements with you soon. Get in touch today for a free consultation.


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