Professional Solutions to Lock and Unlock Your Business

Intraguard offers Lock and Unlock services from our trusted staff, unlocking your business in the morning and making sure the premises are safe and secure in the evening. Much like Key Holding, our staff is well-trained and professional when it comes to handling your keys. We can also arrange this expert security solution in a way that both key holding and lock and unlock security staff work in tandem to protect your property.

Getting started with Lock and Unlock security services from Intraguard is simple. We’ll arrange a staff member who is responsible for the security of your site, bringing consistency and convenience to the everyday operation of the business. This security staff member has received training in risk management and other aspects of property security, such as health and safety.

 Lock and Unlock with Intraguard:

  • Well trained staff available around the clock
  • Staff will also check for security hazards and health and safety issues while doing their morning/evening patrol
  • Prepared for any situation, such as unexpected absences from key holders
  • Included services such as premises patrol and health and safety checks


What Are The Benefits of Lock and Unlock Services?

Locking and unlocking services are convenient, but they also keep your staff safe while opening and closing the business in the early hours or late at night. Rather than letting your staff handle a potentially risky situation with business keys, you can allow an Intraguard professional to open the site in the morning and close it up when the business ends in the evening. Below are just a few of the rewards our clients reap:

  • Allow for staff access as well as contractor arrivals/departures
  • Offered a temporary service to cover sickness and absences
  • Alarms can be set and unset
  • Premises patrolled
  • Doors and windows secured
  • Any unnecessary lights and electrical equipment can be switched off to reduce your running costs
  • Access for the Emergency services