Security Solutions for Your Vacant Property

Vacant Properties are always a large target for thieves, vandals, and other intruders. Intraguard takes the responsibility of protecting your property against criminal damage using a wide range of security management methods, from manned guards to remote CCTV monitoring systems. With our free consultation, we’ll help arrange everything you need to keep your property safe for extended periods of time.

Vacant Property Security with Intraguard

• Over 10 years of experience in security management for both commercial and residential vacant properties.
• Efficient and cost-effective security methods that are structured around your specific requirements.
• Well-trained staff and training programs create effective security teams ready to respond to a variety of emergencies.

What Are The Different Methods for Vacant Property Security?

Intraguard offers a comprehensive list of security solutions that are suitable for a range of properties, including vacant residential areas and commercial units. Depending on your specific requirements we’ll be able to provide you a free consultation to assess which security method is best suited to your site. This could be a remote CCTV monitoring, an on-site guard, or a mobile patrol team that covers a larger site. Usually, we’ll make security decisions based on the location of your property, its value, and the size of the grounds.

How to protect your vacant property against theft and vandalism

Vacant properties are a target for criminals, and if you don’t take the security of the premises very seriously, you may be faced with a loss of thousands of pounds in assets. In some cases, you may just require a single Manned Guard, recruited from our pool of Intraguard professional security staff. For larger properties, such as commercial units, you may require mobile patrols, guard dogs or a remote CCTV monitoring system.

Can you protect my premises around the clock?

Our site security services have been developed to ensure clients enjoy complete peace of mind knowing land and remote sites are protected on an ongoing basis, with theft and vandalism deterred and health and safety need to be met.