Manned  Guarding

Intraguard offers a wide range of manned guard security staff for commercial, industrial and other business sites. While the innovative camera and ID systems have made it trickier than ever for vandals and thieves to cause problems on-site, nothing compares to the physical presence of a well-trained security officer.

Boost security with manned guards from Intraguard

  • Over a decade of experience with personnel management and training
  • Highly cost-effective solution for ‘boots-on-the-ground’ security
  • Trained guards for any situation or site requirements

What Is Manned Guarding?

Manned Guarding is a fundamental form of on-site security whereby a trained member of staff is ready to respond to security issues and oversee security over an allocated patrol. Manned Guards are common across residential development projects, commercial buildings, and industrial sites. Manned Guards are also responsible for the prevention of entry onto a site, handling security issues that might arise due to crime, and to assist in the case of a serious offence.


How can Manned Guarding protect your premises?

Manned Guarding provides an incentive against crime and vandalism and the means to handle a situation where one of these offenses might occur. The main benefit of having a guard on-site is that they can respond immediately to a situation, providing instant risk management and assessment. Plus, multiple manned guards can be on-site at any time, providing great security coverage.


What are the benefits of manned guards on-site?

Beyond security and immediate emergency response, sites with Manned Guards will often receive better rates on insurance. Manned Guards can also be spread out over a site, responding to a central security officer. Alongside CCTV cameras, Manned Guards are seen as one of the most fundamental methods to protect your property from theft and vandalism. Additionally, manned guards can utilise cutting edge technology to monitor or track the activities of a specific member of the public in a public or private place.


How flexible is your workforce?

Our team is extremely versatile, experienced in all areas of guarding, whilst being expertly trained in monitoring CCTV and other security systems to maximise performance and heighten protection for our clients and their teams.