Industrial Security

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As leading experts in industrial security, Intraguard has helped many businesses identity areas of weakness whilst providing tailored security solutions to maximise protection. Whether you’re simply looking to prevent unauthorised access, maximise protection for your assets or ensure your team of workers remain safe, we can create and implement the right solution for your business. We know just how important it is to ensure your company is safe and secure around the clock and our knowledgeable management team is best placed to ensure your people, products and profits are protected.

Security Experts across all industrial disciplines

From helping warehouses, factories and large industrial sites combat internal theft, monitor CCTV cameras, carry out nightly mobile security patrols and organise manned guarding services 24-7, we’re able to provide completely bespoke security packages. Having arranged security solutions for industrial companies of all sizes, it’s highly likely we have hands-on experience delivering the exact type of security strategy you’re looking for, whilst we’re able to provide a powerful combination of highly skilled professionals and pioneering technology.

Our broad range of industrial security services

• Highly trained SIA approved static guards and officers
• Mobile patrols to provide complete coverage
• CCTV installations and monitoring
• Controlling access points
• Random Inspections and bag checks
• Risk assessments and evacuation procedures
• Emergency service communications
• Asset Protection

Can you provide cost-effective solutions?

Our prices are very competitive and Intraguard is committed to ensuring industrial organisations of all sizes get the level of support they need. Whether you require a team of full-time industrial security guards for your warehouse or mobile patrols on an ongoing basis, we can provide tailored packages to suit your budget and security needs.

Are your services focused on safeguarding properties?

Our business was born out of a desire to make staff and customers feel safe, whilst safeguarding properties and assets at the same time. We understand just how critical it is to maximise ROI and help companies increase profits, yet it’s just as essential to put your staff at ease, ensuring they feel safe when they turn up to work each day. So we’re very much focused on protecting our clients’ people, properties and assets in every possible way.

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