Rapid Alarm Response by Key Holding Security Professionals

Key Holding is one of the most important security services we offer. Having trained staff who are ready to respond to an incident, break-in, or emergency on your site, is an invaluable asset and one we’re proud to cater to. Intraguard specialises in personalised services that are built to our clients’ exacting specifications, so we can be completely flexible in our approach. With our expert key holding solutions, you’re:

  • Fast response times, accredited to our innovative technology and well-trained teams
  • 24HR coverage
  • Our solutions can work alongside existing security staff or as part of new security measures
  • Assurance that your business is safe around the clock, with trained staff ready to respond ASAP


What is Key Holding?

Key Holding is a rather simple premise. Our trained staff has the keys to your property so we can access it at any time to handle security issues. This keeps your business running and allows for complete peace of mind knowing we can handle any problems that arise.

All keys, fobs and other security materials are handled professionally in a secure environment. Our staff are trusted and go through rigorous training before being assigned as a key holder. We’ll be in touch, offering comprehensive reports and regular updates about your key holder. Working with a key holder makes it easier for your business to keep running smoothly, even during out-of-work hours. For everything except major events, our key holding team will handle all issues and address them during working hours.


How does it work?

Our Key Holder staff is notified when an alarm is triggered on your property. The first response is to contact a security number, which we will have previously arranged and agreed with you. This is to double-check whether or not we should respond to the emergency. We’ll then have an officer ready to attend to your property – either a dedicated officer or a member of our team nearby. Emergency response is arranged and we provide a clear report on the actions taken.


Is Key Holding an effective security measure?

Key Holding is usually an additional security measure put in place alongside existing security systems, such as CCTV cameras, alarms and guards. That said, Key Holding can also be a good replacement for an on-site guard, as staff responds to issues within a short time. For larger sites or empty buildings, key holders are a cost-effective measure to help protect your property against vandalism, theft and other crimes.