Intelligent Mobile Security Solutions to Reduce Risks

Mobile Security Patrols offer effective security over a large area, with a central point of coordination so that you and your security staff are regularly kept up to date with the security performance on-site.

Our professionally trained staff use clearly marked vehicles to patrol an area and keep your premises safe. All Intraguard’s security staff are knowledgeable, professional and accredited in the UK, with a clear understanding of the responsibilities required of a mobile patrol unit. Depending on the size of your site, you may require a large mobile security team that can work in tandem – with each unit responding to a central control room.

Setting up a mobile security patrol

  • Regular patrols using a marked security vehicle
  • Well-trained security staff with clear knowledge of risk management
  • Regular reports to a central security officer

Security Patrols Work To Keep Your Property Safe

The main feature of security patrols is the visible deterrent to criminals and trespassers, yet it’s worth pointing out that a marked security patrol vehicle with uniformed officers is also a very cost-effective way of providing coverage over an entire site. Intraguard staff are expertly trained to respond to a variety of different security situations. To find out how a patrol team could help boost protection for your property, site or grounds, contact our team today.

What are the different types of mobile security patrols?

Intraguard offers various types of Mobile Security Patrols depending on our clients’ business requirements. Both external and internal patrols provide different degrees of security, with external patrols effective for large open sites, and internal patrols working alongside key holders and static guards. To find out which is best suited to your site, feel free to book your free security consultation today.

Are you equipped to handle health and safety?

Absolutely. We can ensure that every carefully vetted and selected security guard that works on your property is first aid trained, with deep knowledge in health and safety procedures. Risk assessments will also be conducted to help you decide on the security solution that is right for your premises.