10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Disinfection Service

Disinfection services are critical for maintaining public health and safety, ensuring environments are not merely clean but free from harmful pathogens and viruses. These services utilize specialized cleaning agents and techniques to effectively eliminate biological threats on various surfaces, essential in high-traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, offices, and public transportation systems. 


Professional cleaning services adhere to strict standards and employ trained professionals, offering peace of mind and contributing to healthier environments. Their scope often extends to include additional security measures like security dogs, mobile patrols, and CCTV monitoring, ensuring comprehensive protection and cleanliness.

1. Not Verifying Credentials and Experience

Choosing a disinfection service without verifying its credentials and experience is a significant oversight. Proper licensing and a robust track record ensure the service adheres to health and safety regulations and has the expertise to handle your specific needs effectively.

2. Overlooking Reviews and Testimonials

Neglecting to consider reviews and testimonials from previous clients can lead to hiring a service that might not meet your expectations in effectiveness and professionalism. This feedback is invaluable for gauging the reliability and quality of the service.

3. Ignoring the Scope of Services

It’s crucial to ensure the service you choose covers all your needs, not just basic cleaning. Some services might include advanced security measures like mobile patrols or CCTV monitoring, crucial for complete safety and cleanliness.

4. Choosing Based Solely on Price

Choosing a disinfection service based solely on price can be tempting, especially to save costs. However, the cheapest option might compromise on the quality of disinfection. It’s important to find a service that offers a good balance between cost and quality.

5. Not Asking About Cleaning Agents Used

The effectiveness of a disinfection service depends significantly on the agents used. Services that use subpar disinfectants might offer lower prices but at the cost of efficacy. Always inquire about the EPA-approved cleaning agents used to ensure they are effective and safe for your environment.

6. Skipping Customization Options

Every space has unique characteristics that standard cleaning packages might not address. A good disinfection service should offer customization options that cater to your specific requirements, ensuring comprehensive cleaning and disinfection.

7. Forgetting to Discuss Scheduling and Availability

Aligning the disinfection service’s schedule with your operational hours is essential to avoid disruptions. Ensure their availability matches your needs and that they can provide services at times convenient for you.

8. Neglecting Security Measures

If your premises contain valuable items or sensitive information, integrating security services with cleaning is essential. Opt for services that offer security guards and patrols to ensure that your space is not only clean but also secure.

9. Not Considering the Team’s Professionalism and Conduct

The professionalism and conduct of the cleaning team are as crucial as their cleaning skills. They should respect your space and maintain professional behavior throughout their service, ensuring a positive and effective cleaning experience.

10. Failing to Secure a Detailed Contract

Without a detailed contract, there can be misunderstandings regarding services, costs, and responsibilities. Always ensure that all aspects of the service are clearly outlined and agreed upon before any work begins.


Choosing the right disinfection service requires careful consideration and attention to detail. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can engage a professional and competent cleaning service that not only meets your cleaning needs but also enhances the overall safety and security of your environment. The right disinfection service does more than clean; it protects and maintains the health and well-being of all who use the space.