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What to Look For in Reception Security Compaines?

By Minz Singh-April 27, 2021 -No Comments

What to look for in security companies that offer concierge/reception security? The reception area serves as the ‘face of

What is CCTV Security Monitoring? And What Are The Benefits?

By Minz Singh-April 27, 2021 -No Comments

Here at Intraguard, we specialise in CCTV monitoring services … but what does it involve and how does it

How do I Keep my Premises in London Safe and Secure?

By Minz Singh-March 26, 2021 -No Comments

Last summer, it was reported that crime was rising five times faster in London than the rest of England.

How do I Keep My Construction Site Secure?

By Minz Singh-March 26, 2021 -No Comments

Construction sites may often be seen as high-risk environments because of the work involved, but even for those sites

Reasons to Hire a Security Company to Watch Over Vacant Properties?

By Minz Singh-February 26, 2021 -No Comments

According to the Office for National Statistics, approximately 750,000 empty properties are vandalised each year, and repair work can

What to Look For When Hiring a Security Guard Company?

By Minz Singh-January 29, 2021 -No Comments

Currently, physical security has never been more of a requirement to a business or commercial premise. Hiring a security

What is The Role of a Retail Security Officer?

By Minz Singh-December 18, 2020 -No Comments

In recent months, concerns have been expressed (both inside and outside Parliament) that the government must introduce more measures

How to reduce the risk of a break-in for your retail premises

By Minz Singh-November 27, 2020 -No Comments

In 2018, the total cost of crime (and crime prevention) for retailers was £1.9 billion last year, up 12%

Keeping Your Premises Safe & Secure During Covid-19

By Minz Singh-November 27, 2020 -No Comments

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to devastate lives and livelihoods, it’s critical for businesses (of all sectors) to create

Tips on Sourcing Security Guards in London

By Minz Singh-October 23, 2020 -No Comments

If you’re looking for a security company in London, then there are many factors to consider… Over 928,485 crimes