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Reasons to Hire a Security Company to Watch Over Vacant Properties?

By Minz Singh-February 26, 2021 -No Comments

According to the Office for National Statistics, approximately 750,000 empty properties are vandalised each year, and repair work can

What to Look For When Hiring a Security Guard Company?

By Minz Singh-January 29, 2021 -No Comments

Currently, physical security has never been more of a requirement to a business or commercial premise. Hiring a security

What is The Role of a Retail Security Officer?

By Minz Singh-December 18, 2020 -No Comments

In recent months, concerns have been expressed (both inside and outside Parliament) that the government must introduce more measures

How to reduce the risk of a break-in for your retail premises

By Minz Singh-November 27, 2020 -No Comments

In 2018, the total cost of crime (and crime prevention) for retailers was £1.9 billion last year, up 12%

Keeping Your Premises Safe & Secure During Covid-19

By Minz Singh-November 27, 2020 -No Comments

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to devastate lives and livelihoods, it’s critical for businesses (of all sectors) to create

Tips on Sourcing Security Guards in London

By Minz Singh-October 23, 2020 -No Comments

If you’re looking for a security company in London, then there are many factors to consider… Over 928,485 crimes

The Importance of Industrial Security

By Minz Singh-October 23, 2020 -No Comments

Why is industrial security so important? Overall, the UK’s industrial sector has increased by 1.4% a year since 1948.

What is Remote CCTV Monitoring?

By Minz Singh-September 30, 2020 -No Comments

As we all know, remote CCTV monitoring can help to deter opportunistic thieves. Yet, today’s HD and 4K cameras

When Would Guard Dog Security Patrols be Required?

By Minz Singh-September 30, 2020 -No Comments

Guard dog security can be a highly effective defence solution for businesses large and small, especially when combined with

Importance of a Fire Watch Security Guard

By Minz Singh-September 1, 2020 -No Comments

There are many reasons to hire fire watch security guards… Every year there are approximately 22,000 fires in workplaces