Guard Dog Patrols

Regular guard dog patrols offer a clear and visual deterrent to ‘would-be intruders’ scouting your property. It’s an effective method to prevent crime, especially theft and vandalism ­– as the sound of a guard dog alone can bring a halt to a trespasser.

Security measures such as CCTV cameras and static guards may offer some protection in this respect, whilst also offering images and information when a crime has been carried out, but a K9 Guard Dog Patrol is a seriously effective preventative measure. Here at Intraguard, we’ve remained up to speed with new training techniques for the K9s and their handlers. Our staffs are well versed in risk management; using our dog partners to great advantage.

The Power Of A Guard Dog Patrol

  • Effective audio and visual deterrent for trespassers, opportunistic thieves and vandals
  • Offers greater benefits than a static security point
  • Applicable on a range of industrial sites, from commercial to industrial
  • A well-trained guard dog patrol can be more effective than several static guards

Why Are Guard Dog Patrols So Effective?

Trespassers naturally prefer sites with soft security measures, and this includes CCTV cameras or a static security point with one guard on-site. A mobile dog patrol is regularly moving around the site, keeping an unfixed nightly schedule to make the movement of the patrol harder to predict for those who may be tempted to break-in to your property. Due to the strict training for both dog and handler, security response times are very short.

Can you provide guard dogs for one-off events?

Absolutely, but the more notice the better, so do get in touch with our team as soon as you begin planning the details of your event. We’ve been delivering short-term and long-term guard dog solutions for many years, and our highly trained team is strictly up to speed with the latest practices, techniques, and procedures.