Professional Reception Security Solutions


The reception is the face of your business, handling the everyday traffic of clients, staff, and visitors. Our security reception officers are well trained and vetted for professionalism – each dedicated to becoming an integral part of the ordinary operation of your business.

Reception security staff are client-facing employees and they often represent your business first, as a result, we take our recruitment and training for reception staff very seriously. They are well trained in handling all aspects of security, from noticing something that ‘doesn’t seem quite right’, to assist in the event of an emergency. We can, therefore, guarantee staff that are an impeccable representation of your business culture and a valuable asset to your team.

Our Staff

  • All our reception staff is accredited with suitable security certifications, whether it’s SIA or CCNA.
  • Civil uniform or guard uniforms are standard, although this aspect is up to you – no matter the badge or uniform our reception staff are wearing, they will have gone through the same strict training.
  • Security staff available with training for small or larger sites, depending on your requirements.

What concierge & reception services can we provide?

Our team is more than just security experts, they are well presented and vetted for a professional desk manner. While they do focus on the security of the building, they are also trained to handle everyday management and interaction with clients and staff. Specific training is available for handling phone calls, managing ID entrance systems, key holding, and more. To find out how we can choose the right staff for your requirements, contact our team for a free consultation.

 Are Our Staff Trained For A Variety Of Industries?

Intraguard offers a comprehensive recruitment and training process for your business. Whether it’s an educational facility, an office building or commercial space, we have staff available with the right training. Depending on your industry, the type of staff you’ll require will differ greatly, from those who might have more daily risks, to those that are required to be a customer-facing member of your team.


If you’re interested in other types of security staff, such as mobile patrols or security management, visit our other service pages to find out what we offer.