Security Solutions Via Remote Monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services is a modern and innovative approach to security. Through an internet-connected network of cameras, Intraguard is able to monitor your property, whether it’s commercial or residential, from a remote location. In the event of a fire, crime or other emergencies, we are able to quickly respond and help protect your property from risk.


Remote CCTV Monitoring with Intraguard

  • Cost-effective solution for round-the-clock property surveillance and security
  • Well-trained guards who understand how to react in an emergency situation
  • Audio warning systems and multiple cameras provide deterrence and coverage over a large site
  • We can make certain that as soon as an alarm is triggered or activity has been detected, a live feed of the incident is routed to the screen of our highly trained security professionals.

How Does CCTV Remote Monitoring Work?

Remote CCTV Monitoring provides 24-hour coverage on your property with several cameras (as many as needed on-site) connected via the internet to a central control room. Innovative remote monitoring systems include alarms, audio warnings (which may announce via speakers that the intruder is currently under surveillance) and a fast-response time for security incidents.

Remote monitoring is an effective security method that is easy to install, easy to maintain, and provides a fast response time to emergencies which could lose you thousands of pounds. To find out how easy it is to install an Intraguard remote monitoring system on your premises, contact us today for a free consultation.

Will you contact the emergency services if needed?

Everything we do is completely transparent and you’ll always be kept up to date with any suspicious, or potentially damaging behavior occurring on your premises. Our knowledgeable team will always ensure immediate action is taken, whether that’s by contacting key-holders or calling the emergency services, helping to minimise both risk and damage and cost to your company.

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