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How Safe is Your London Based Business Premises?

From shoplifters to non-paying diners, fraudsters, violent offenders and arsonists, there are plenty of opportunistic and sophisticated criminals affecting businesses large and small, so it’s crucial to ensure your company is protected.

Before reaching out to a security company in London, it’s crucial to take the time to understand your current levels of safety and security. By assessing the risks your business faces on a daily basis and spotting emerging threats, you can calculate the scale of identified security risks, covering anything that could cause harm to your organisation. According to government figures, crime in London rose five times more than in the rest of the country in 2019-20. So how can you ensure your business is protected around the clock?


Do you have sufficient locks or alarms on doors and windows? What about CCTV cameras?

Whether your business is open to the public or merely a workplace for staff, you need adequate security in place. If your building has doors or windows that cannot be locked or alarms that are not set, then the very basics of a security strategy are lacking. When you have secure doors or shutters, excellent locks, secure windows, alarms and CCTV cameras in operation, you will instantly increase deterrence whilst ensuring you have at least some ways to collect evidence in the event of a crime taking place.


Are your staff trained to identify potential criminals before they enter the building?

In many cases, your people will often be your first line of defence. Ask yourself this question in a moment of quiet contemplation. If the business premises you are responsible for is based in London, do staff at front desks, reception areas, and other entry points have the skills or experience to spot suspicious behaviour? These employees need to identify potential criminals through their body language and mannerisms. Part of their role should include actively safeguarding your business by reporting any unusual activity to security personnel or police officers. Staff will also need adequate training in crowd control if they work in a busy shopping mall or indoor marketplace.


Hire security guards

The most effective security strategy includes manned guarding services, which will often see a team of guards cover a wide area. With SIA licenced officers in place, you can be confident of a consistent level of cover, night and day. Security guards are on the front line in protecting your business premises from crime especially when thinking about retail security in London. In addition to their deterrent value, they can report any suspicious behaviour or intervene directly if needed.


Use your surroundings to your advantage

Businesses in busy commercial areas of England’s capital, such as shopping centres and high streets, will naturally attract crowds. This is because these areas contain well-stocked stores, cafes, and eateries frequented by the likes of office workers and shoppers during lunch hours and weekends. The presence of many people creates a safer environment for your employees and customers too. At the same time, it’s important to maintain strong and productive relationships with your neighbours. That way, your team (and theirs) can work closely together to help each other minimise threats and maintain a high level of protection.


Install adequate lighting

Installing adequate lighting in your premises is a simple but effective way of deterring criminals. If you have the financial capacity, it’s best to install high-level lighting on perimeter fences and walls.


Secure all entry points

You should ensure that only authorised personnel can access your offices or commercial buildings. This will include security guards, cleaners and maintenance engineers. You may also want to consider installing automatic barriers at driveways or entrances to help manage foot traffic more efficiently. It’s important that these defences don’t inconvenience potential visitors, though; instead, they should be easy enough for everyone to use without any problems.


Organise emergency plans

Your business site must be equipped with an emergency plan, which is readily accessible by all employees. This should include details of the nearest hospital, fire department and police station. Employees will also need to know what they should do in case of a break-in, fire or another disaster. Ensure everyone knows how to get out of the building safely if there is ever a problem.


Store keys properly

You don’t want to make it easy for criminals by leaving tools outside your gates that could be used to gain entry into your property. All spare keys for buildings you own should be stored securely away from where people work or congregate. Better yet, you can arrange keyholding services with a trusted London security company like Intraguard. This measure means our staff have the keys to your property so we can access it at any time to handle security issues. This keeps your business running and allows for complete peace of mind knowing we can handle any problems that arise.


Create a Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is used to define your company culture and set standards for employees to follow, especially concerning their behaviour. It will also let customers and partners know your values,  which they should abide by to do business with you.   When you set out behavioural standards, employees will know how they are expected to act in the workplace, and customers will understand what is acceptable. This increases company values and decreases incidents where someone might feel harassed or intimidated when visiting your premises.


Distribute Warning Notices for Offenders

If someone has already acted inappropriately on your premises, it is wise to inform others about the incident so that they can take preventative measures if necessary. Distributing warning notices can ensure everyone knows what kind of person not to allow into your property. Warnings could come in the form of written statements or signage at building entrances giving details of the perpetrator and the type of behaviour that is unacceptable.

If someone acts inappropriately, inform security or a senior member of staff immediately to take appropriate action. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing security measures to bolster protection or wish to develop a strategy as you move to a larger location, Intraguard is here to help. We provide truly tailored security services in London, helping businesses get the right level of protection at a competitive rate.