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Retailers Security across London:  SIA Licensed, Professional & Dedicated

Retail security is becoming more and more important, especially with competition for retail space continuing to grow. To keep up with competitors, retailers are turning to proven ways of protecting themselves from robbery or theft, such as hiring Intraguard’s SIA licenced retail security guards.

With the right personnel, technology and measures in place, we can help you prevent minor shoplifting, reduce loss due to theft, and create a safer working environment for employees. Our retail security guards are in high demand, with the number of robberies and thefts in the capital continuing to rise. We’re successful in preventing crime, and as a result, our clients operating in the retail sector see a decrease in losses. Today, retail security in London requires a robust, proactive and measured strategy, and that’s where we can help.


How can retailers minimise loss and maximise performance?

Intraguard’s SIA licenced security guards play a critical role in preventing crime. By actively patrolling your store, supermarket or shopping centre, we not only identify suspicious behaviour quickly but develop the ideal physical presence to deter would-be criminals and help to keep employees and customers safe. Additionally, our retail security guards are trained to respond to emergencies, so if a crime occurs, they can take action quickly and effectively. Retailers have seen a significant increase in crime in recent years, and it is becoming more and more difficult for them to protect themselves without the help of retail security in London. With our team, you can enjoy many benefits, including fewer shoplifters, less loss due to theft, and an overall safer working environment, whilst having the flexibility to scale up your security whenever you need to.


How can we secure your retail store in London?

Our guards receive training in loss prevention, customer service, and how to deal with difficult situations. They also learn to work with police and emergency services. This type of training helps our guards provide a high level of service and safety to retailers of all sizes. Intraguard Security is a top security provider, delivering a wide range of security services that are perfect for retailers. Some of the benefits of working with Intraguard include:

  • Flexible solutions at competitive rates
  • SIA security guards trained to the highest standards
  • Security guards that have passed a strict vetting process
  • Helping to reduce crime within retail stores and minimise loss

Studies have shown that retailers with security guards experience 50% less theft than those who don’t. Intraguard Security can help create a safer working environment for your employees and also retail visitors.


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Retailers are facing increased competition and safety concerns. This is where retail security in London plays an important role. For many decades, it’s been nearly impossible for retailers to protect themselves from robbery and theft without the help of retail security guards. Whether you are a small or large retailer, it’s crucial to have the right tools and resources to protect your business from theft, such as manned guarding, patrols, alarm response, CCTV monitoring and lock/unlock services. To learn more about us and how we can protect your retail store in London, please fill out our enquiry form or give us a call on 0333 888 0247.

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