Professional Disinfection Services

Intraguard offers disinfection services to prevent the spread of infections. Our professionals are fully instructed and trained, ready to disinfect your businesses, homes, workplaces, and properties from harmful bacteria and viruses. Intraguard disinfection solution team uses multiple effective techniques and spraying systems that contain no poses or toxic ingredients to traditionally control infection service. We protect you by reducing the risk of infection with an approved disinfectant to serve you to live, work and play safely.


Why get a disinfection service?

Every household or workspace’s goal is to have a healthy living environment. COVID-19 has left half of the world paralyzed which has affected people’s health throughout. Since then, disinfection services have become more important than ever before. Disinfection services help you to keep your home and workplace hygienic by destroying harmful bacteria in an unidentified and unreachable area. These services are important to reduce the potential for infected viruses with high-touch surfaces in publicly accessible buildings, Community centers, or business companies, in these non-healthcare settings disinfection services should be prioritized to maintain a healthy environment for everyone’s safety.


How does it work?

The Intraguard disinfection solution uses the next-generation touchless technique. The process consists of a fogging device that uses an ionizing turbine that sprays the disinfectant liquid which transforms it into a dry liquid this occurs with the proprietary nozzle and air compressor to achieve perfect size droplets. Intraguard disinfection team also uses an electrostatic spraying system that adds an electrostatic negative charge to disinfectant that surrounds and clings to the surface it touches. With these techniques, vapors fill every corner of the room where regular cleaning cannot disinfect. This process covers the total area and assures an optimal distribution of disinfection which reduces the risk of cross-contamination of infectious diseases and bacteria.

The disinfection services are effective in preventing the risk of infection to a minimum. It makes germs destroy themselves and ensure it remains thereby progressively eliminating the biofilm, without creating any form of germ resistance. Results can be seen immediately.


Benefits of disinfection service by Intraguard

Disinfectants are highly affected biochemical solutions created to kill microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens. There are several benefits of disinfection services.

  • It takes the least amount of time to disinfect the standard area.
  • It’s cost-effective as compared to other traditional disinfecting methods.
  • It’s non-allergic and does contain any poses which may risk humans or animals.
  • It helps to reduce undesired odours and can successfully disinfect in a single application.
  • It has proven to be successful where steaming and bleaching have failed.