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Why Choose Remote CCTV Monitoring For Your Company

Many businesses have identified remote CCTV monitoring as one of the most cost-effective and proven security solutions. There are many clear differences between depending on guards and using CCTV cameras to protect your business, however, tailored remote CCTV monitoring solutions will combine the best of both worlds.

At Intraguard, we provide custom-made remote CCTV monitoring solutions to businesses of all sizes. We understand that each company is different and requires a unique security solution. Our team of experts will work with you to create a solution that best suits your needs, whether you are looking for round-the-clock monitoring or just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your premises are being watched over. To help you understand whether remote CCTV monitoring is right for you, we’ve outlined a series of reasons why many companies in the UK count on remote CCTV monitoring day in, day out.


Cost savings

The biggest advantage of using remote CCTV monitoring is cost savings. There is technically no requirement to hire security guards around-the-clock, yet businesses can often save money on their insurance premiums. That said, when you do have the right balance between remote CCTV monitoring and guards ready to act on-site at a moment’s notice, you really have a security strategy that’s fit for purpose. Furthermore, having a remote CCTV monitoring system in place can help businesses reduce their insurance premiums. By demonstrating that you take your security seriously, you may be able to persuade your insurer to give you a discount on your policy.



Another big benefit of remote CCTV monitoring is the flexibility it offers businesses. For a start, you can access footage from anywhere in the world – so if you have offices in different countries or even just different parts of the same country, you can keep an eye on what’s happening no matter where you are. Additionally, remote CCTV monitoring means you’re not restricted to certain hours; footage can be monitored around the clock, meaning that potential security threats can be dealt with as soon as they’re spotted.


Peace of mind

Remote CCTV monitoring also offers businesses complete peace of mind. Knowing that live footage is being monitored by experts who can take action if anything untoward happens can help to give staff members some much-needed reassurance and help them perform their duties to the best of their ability. They arrive at work knowing they are safe and protected, which can have a positive effect on productivity. Making the decision to invest in a remote CCTV monitoring system for your business is an important one, but it’s one that is sure to pay off in the long run. With the peace of mind and security that such a system can provide, it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are choosing to go this route.


Effectively deter criminal activity

When criminals know they are being watched, they are far less likely to attempt to carry out any illegal activities. This can be a huge benefit for businesses, as it can help to keep them safe and protected from harm. That said, as soon as suspicious behaviour is identified, the authorities can be alerted right away.


Evidence gathering

If something does happen, having a remote CCTV monitoring system in place can be incredibly helpful for gathering evidence. With the footage that is collected, it can be much easier to identify the culprits and bring them to justice. Not only that, but this footage can also be used as evidence in court if necessary. These are just a few of the reasons why remote CCTV monitoring systems are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. When it comes to choosing a security system for your company, this is definitely one option worth considering.


Easily integrated with guarding services

If you already have a security guard service in place, it’s easy to integrate a remote CCTV monitoring system into your existing protection plan. This will help to ensure that you have complete coverage of your property at all times, no matter what. Plus, having a remote CCTV monitoring system in place means you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that you’re doing everything possible to keep your business safe and secure.


Prevent internal theft

One of the main benefits of using remote CCTV monitoring for your company is that it can help to prevent internal theft. With a remote system in place, you’ll be able to keep an eye on what’s happening inside your business at all times, which can help to deter employees from stealing or engaging in other criminal activity. Having a remote CCTV monitoring system in place can also help to improve safety and security for your employees. If a crime does occur on-site, having video footage of the incident can help to speed up the investigation process and ensure that the responsible party is brought to justice.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to improve security for your business, then consider calling a remote CCTV monitoring company like Intraguard. As a leading security company in the UK, we have a wealth of experience developing and implementing sophisticated security strategies, helping businesses keep their buildings, assets and staff safe around the clock. You can learn more about us and how we can help you by calling 0333 888 0247.