Intraguard Security Services and Solutions


Continuous Monitoring and Analysis

  • Implement and maintain tools for real-time monitoring of networks, systems, and applications for security threats and anomalies.
  • Analyse logs and alerts to detect potential security incidents.


Incident Response and Recovery

  • Execute incident response protocols when security breaches or incidents occur.
  • Manage the recovery process to restore services and data affected by security incidents.
  • Conduct post-incident analyses to identify lessons learned and improve security posture.


Vulnerability Management

  • Regularly scan systems and applications for vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritize and remediate identified vulnerabilities based on risk.
  • Manage and apply patches and updates to software and systems.


Compliance Management

  • Continuously monitor compliance with relevant cybersecurity regulations and standards.
  • Prepare for and conduct regular compliance audits.
  • Address compliance deficiencies and document compliance efforts.


Cloud Security Operation

  • If applicable, manage and secure cloud-based resources and services.
  • Monitor cloud environments for improper configurations or security breaches.
  • Enforce cloud security best practices and compliance.


Security Reporting and Improvement

  • Develop and maintain security dashboards and reports to track security metrics and performance.
  • Provide regular security status reports to management and key stakeholders.
  • Use insights from security activities and incidents to drive continuous improvement in security practices and policies.

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