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6 Ways to Improve Business Security

Every business faces physical security threats. Whether your top priority is minimising shrinkage, maximising protection for lone workers, reassuring customers or improving staff morale, there are plenty of ways you can improve business security and ensure your company is in good stead for the future.


Install CCTV cameras

CCTV can deter burglars, making it nearly impossible to break in without getting noticed. Of course, whilst many opportunistic burglars will avoid stealing goods from any property with cameras running, sophisticated burglars may not be repelled so easily. Regardless, CCTV is still a valuable tool for recording physical security incidents that occur on your premises, making it easier to identify suspects after an incident has occurred.

From a business point of view, the best thing about CCTV systems is that they can provide indisputable evidence in the event of theft or another crime taking place on your premises. If you don’t currently have a surveillance system, cameras are relatively affordable and easy to install but you should ensure they are strategically placed and cover critical areas of your business premises, plus you will also need a Wi-Fi connection and recording equipment.


Maximise protection with manned guards

Manned security guards deliver a wide variety of advantages to your business, boosting protection against vandalism, theft, damage and unauthorised access. There is arguable no deterrent quite like a professional, SIA licenced guard actively identifying suspicious behaviour, with the skills, experience and aptitude to keep staff, customers and assets remain safe.

Security guards are, of course, a visual deterrent to thieves, vandals and trespassers.  A key benefit of manned guarding is that they are constantly patrolling the area, keeping an eye out for any potential criminal activity, and alerting the authorities when needed. They will know your facility well, enabling them to react faster than a second response team (if there is a need to call upon their services). Security guards can also be trained in first aid, fire safety and crime prevention techniques. This all helps to reduce costs by minimising damage and theft from burglary, vandalism, shoplifting.


Control Access

Security guards are trained to maintain a high level of vigilance when screening visitors and monitoring the general public who enter your business premises. Controlling access has long been important in busy shops, shopping centres and stadiums, but it has become even more critical over the last year, with the coronavirus pandemic taking hold. Security guards played a crucial role in helping to control the virus when the country opened up by limiting the number of employees and customers in stores. You could also argue that the role of a security guard has become even more critical in recent months as they must maintain alignment with changing business objectives and operations


Conduct Risk Assessments

Whether you’re thinking about cutting costs, looking for the most cost-effective security measures to provide you with enhanced protection and peace of mind, it might be time to conduct a risk assessment. You can then quickly grasp which parts of your security measures are relatively weak and requiring urgent improvement whilst recognising and addressing emerging risks.


Create a well-lit building

It might not be the fanciest of upgrades, but it can certainly make all the difference to security should any criminal attempts occur. Security guards will find it far easier to spot suspicious individuals in the vicinity if you have well-lit walkways and outside areas inside and outside your site. Whether you’re looking to improve protection across multiple construction sites, heighten security and peace of mind for lone workers in warehouses or bolster security for your single retail store, adding extra lighting is a relatively cost-effective solution that can minimise crime against your business.


Get an official keyholder

Don’t let accidents or false alarms scare you and your employees. Save time and money with security key holding services that provide 24/7 contact, ensuring a rapid arrival within minutes of alarm activations. An experienced keyholder can eliminate potential risks for you and your staff. After all, the burden of locking up alone can be too much for you or your workforce to handle.

These were 6 of our top tips for improving business security; however, the best starting point for assessing your vulnerabilities and areas for improvement is getting in touch with Intraguard today. We have decades of experience protecting companies of all sizes and sectors, including retail, construction, industrial energy, property management, logistics and events.

If you’d like to discuss your needs with our team, please call us on 0207 183 5016, or send us a message here. As soon as we know more about your business, properties, and the level of protection you need, we can provide a quotation and detail with the next steps.