Why Does Physical Security Still Matter in 2021?

At its core, physical security is all about keeping buildings, facilities, people and assets safe from real-world threats. We expect guards to be there when we need them most – during an emergency or a crisis such as a fire, robbery or violent attack. We also expect them to keep our place of work and residence safe around the clock.

Physical security has become more complex, with cutting-edge access systems, alarms and CCTV becoming virtualised. This means that many aspects may not be directly visible but instead acted upon automatically without human intervention. Examples include intruder alarms and door-entry systems, as well as CCTV and remote response. Automation could be said to be one of the trends that have dominated the physical security scene in recent years. The question then emerges: “do we still need guarding as a service when so many other security measures are automated?”

Guarding can be one of those elements that are often overlooked (when not wholly forgotten) when it comes to investing in the security of your buildings, assets and people. One of the most obvious reasons that businesses need to have a security guard is for protection. CCCTV cameras and alarms may be able to record potentially crucial evidence, and alarms may be able to sound louder than a human voice; however, security guards can watch out for red flags, spot something that employees aren’t always conscious about or apprehend criminals to keep your business safe and secure.


Find the right balance: Technology makes manned guarding more effective

As an essential part of a holistic approach, guarding fits well with modern risk management and safety strategies where guarding can deliver added value beyond keeping out threats like would-be burglars or vandals. It could also be said that at least some aspects of guarding cannot yet be fully automated. This means guarding the old-fashioned way will heighten security for your business, keeping your premises and people safe, as well as customers and members of the public.

The presence of a professional SIA licenced guard in full uniform is, of course, much more reassuring than having multiple CCTV cameras, but why not combine technology with the right personnel and maximise protection throughout your business? When guards have access to CCTV cameras, alarms, control systems, drones and access control systems, guards can analyse and process data to make the right decisions at the right time. The technology helps remove mundane and repetitive tasks, leaving security personnel free to make more informed decisions.


Professional guards are more than another layer of protection

With highly trained security guards monitoring your sites and deterring crimes from taking place, you have another vital layer of protection. You also get an individual or team of guards who are dedicated to protecting your company’s reputation. If a break-in on your premises is reported in the press, for example, it could damage customer trust and business relations. Security guards help you protect by following two principles: guarding against attacks and guarding against liability. Having security guards assess all physical risks helps to protect your firm and staff against burglaries or violence. On the other hand, having guards conduct random patrols and keep an eye out for potential troublemakers can help guard against liability issues caused by accidents or even contract violations, so you have the best of both worlds.


Guards help customers in need

Your security guard can act as the first point of call for information and advice to consumers. If a customer gets lost within the premises or needs help finding someone, in particular, they can provide answers and help the customer feel well looked after — painting your business in a positive light. Consumers are often attracted to brands with a good reputation, and security guards assure the safety of those consumers.


Detain criminals before they escape

Being able to detain an individual before the police arrive can help ensure criminals face justice for their crimes and keep other customers feeling safe. It’s also a great way to reinforce the point that you are firmly against crime on your property, showing you care about your team and customers.


Curb bad habits

Your security guards are likely to notice if somebody has been doing something they shouldn’t be — whether it’s smoking in no-smoking areas or taking clothing off the rail only to drop it on the floor. Staff guarding your premises have a visible deterrent effect which helps keep people on good behaviour.


You get experience relevant to your sector

We can only speak for ourselves in this respect, but at Intraguard, our clients have access to highly skilled guards with a wealth of experience in their sector. Our professional SIA guards cover various sectors, such as energy, corporate, logistics, industrial, property, construction, retail and hospitality.


Final points

Without the right technology in place, the role of a security guard is perhaps more complex. Still, without a security guard monitoring your premises, you will always be one step behind, lacking a proactive security strategy that minimises shrinkage and keeps your staff, buildings and assets safe. If you’d like to combine cutting edge security technology with experienced, professional and friendly guards, we’re here to help. You can learn more about us, our approach, and our wide range of services by calling our friendly team today on 0207 183 5016. Alternatively, please send us a message, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.