What is Remote CCTV Monitoring?

As we all know, remote CCTV monitoring can help to deter opportunistic thieves. Yet, today’s HD and 4K cameras can be used to collect crucial evidence, giving property owners the property owners to figure out the actions that were taken. 

The quality and crispness of the visuals have drastically improved in recent years, with most cameras packed with more megapixels than you can possibly need, however, these tools have also become easier to monitor thanks to the power of the internet.

With remote CCTV monitoring, your internet connection will route images from your CCTV cameras on your site, over to the screens of security professionals based in an external remote monitoring station. Like most security systems, CCTV cameras can be adapted for a company’s exact needs. For example, you can choose to have your cameras monitored 24-7 or only at the end of the working day. The camera lenses can be wide for the best view, or feature 360° motion detection and night vision, allowing operators to quickly move and zoom in on suspicious activity using the cameras, perhaps switching to other cameras for clearer views.


What are the advantages of remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring is not only useful because it provides excellent opportunities for achieving the best possible camera angles; it gives business owners complete peace of mind. It’s also helped companies get the best possible return from their security budgets. Below we’ll discuss the top benefits you will gain from remote CCTV monitoring.


Save on labour costs and reduce expensive equipment failure

In certain situations, you may no longer need any security guards or watchmen to be on the ground because the CCTV system collects and sends vital information to the remote monitoring team. Aside from reducing labour costs, remote monitoring means issues are identified quickly and efficiently, with problems immediately notifying relevant users so that they can address equipment issues before they become costly problems.


There is no compromise on high standards

We can only speak for our staff, but the teams at remote monitoring stations are trained and licensed to SIA (Security Industry Authority) standards. Therefore, you can depend on a fully qualified, competent and professional workforce at all times.


Live warnings can be issued to dissuade intruders

Many modern CCTV remote monitoring systems include live audio warnings, informing an intruder they are actively watched. Again, this is highly effective in deterring most intruders, making clear that that criminal behaviour will not go unnoticed.


Efficient reporting

Where theft, trespassing or vandalism occurs, control room operators can report all incidents to the police and notify keyholders in real-time. By rapidly identifying the areas that are at risk, using innovative technology like CCTV cameras and motion detector devices, operators can identify threats as they occur, and inform the emergency services and business owners, respectively.


Integration capabilities

Remote CCTV systems are not only useful for preventing crime; they can also be integrated with fire, intercoms and access control systems. Cameras not only help staff and customers feel safer, especially when they’re remotely monitored 24-7. They also protect assets in the event of a fire breaking out. For example, suppose an operator noticed that a skip was ablaze on a construction site. In that case, they can quickly warn individuals their safety is in danger, and immediately tell the fire brigade that a fire has been visually identified. CCTV and access control go hand in hand, allowing businesses to maximise protection by combining physical security with crystal clear video monitoring to cover all access points.


Add as many cameras as you need

Whether your site has four cameras in operation or four hundred, all cameras can be viewed live on a local monitor screen over the internet, allowing for video recording and motion detection. The quality of the camera can make a big difference, especially when attempting to collect evidence. For example, some modern systems now include biometric face recognition and number plate recognition to ensure top-level security and asset protection. If you’re unsure on the coverage you need, get in touch with Intraguard today. We will take the time to understand your business needs before advising you on the number of cameras, and the system required to tighten your security measures.


Protection for all types of locations

From schools to construction sites to offices, factories, warehouses, colleges and plants; remote CCTV monitoring can deliver cost-effectiveness, flexibility and reliability — 365 days a year. That said, it’s beneficial to gain an understanding of the different types of CCTV cameras, and the features you feel will generate the ‘best fit’ for your locations.


Why choose Intraguard for remote CCTV monitoring?

At Intraguard, we provide a professional approach to security, working in partnership with our clients across a diverse mix of industries. Our experienced management team has a wealth of experience in security and personal management, having created tailored security strategies for single locations and multiple sites — always narrowing in on the right level of protection for our clients’ evolving needs.

As an ACS accredited company with SIA security personnel trained to the highest standards, we’re incredibly committed to ensuring the highest standards of service.

  • Our prices are competitive.
  • Fully trained and SIA certified operators who understand how to react in emergencies.
  • Audio warning systems and multiple cameras can be installed, to provide deterrence and coverage over a large site.
  • We can make certain that as soon as an alarm is triggered (or activity has been detected), a live feed of the incident is routed to the monitors of our security professionals.

To summarise, remote monitoring is a highly effective security method that does not only deter intruders, reduces costs and maximises protection, but also ensure a fast response to emergencies. As a result, this type of solution can help you continuously minimise risk, damage and cost.

To learn more about us and how we can help you, please call Intraguard today on 0207 183 5016 or send us a message and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.