Vacant Property

What is Lock Security & How Can it Help?

With a ‘lock and unlock security service‘, licensed guards open and secure your premises on your behalf, whenever you need them. For example, they can provide a daily lock and unlock or simply open for a lone worker or accept a delivery at short notice on bank holidays when permanent staff are unavailable.

They can also provide comprehensive coverage through a contracted keyholding security contract. Keyholding is a broader service because it ensures the guard or team of security officers can attend emergencies, such as absent staff members who have lost their keys or prevent property loss by attending on behalf of an individual who may have forgotten to lock doors after themselves. The Keyholder(s) will provide 24/7 cover, whilst this service can be further boosted with remote CCTV monitoring to ensure your business maintains a proactive approach to minimising crime against business property, assets and people.


Why choose a lock and unlock security solution?

To save precious management time, a security firm such as Intraguard can ensure professional, experienced and highly skilled officers can attend your building at a specific time and carry out a lock or unlock of the building. From daily opening and closing to unlocking gated areas, accepting the mail and bringing in the milk delivery, you can relax after a hard day’s work knowing your building is safe and secure, knowing there are no surprises in store.


What are the advantages?

Staff can finish on time, every time!

Lock and unlock services can be crucial to helping you simplify your property’s security in many ways, taking away the time and trouble involved in finding out who’s got keys to where and when, whether it’s an employee, a tenant or even just the building handyman.

Handymen can be better organised!

If you’re running a business with different properties or venues which need locking up after hours, the time expensive problem is keeping track of who’s done what each day and when they did it to make sure everyone gets paid for their work! Keyholding services can help by ensuring your plumbers, electricians and maintenance contractors know where they need to go, the task that needs to be completed and the best time to do it.

Keyholding services keep things running smoothly (and save costs)!

Keyholding Services help things run more smoothly and save on costs by ensuring there’s always someone around, yet there’s always a spare key in case of emergencies — even when you are away or overseas! Key Holding services also reduce the mess associated with managing key collections from every individual employee.

Keyholding services can reduce your liability

A lock and unlock service can also reduce your liability by ensuring that a professional keyholder is in charge of the ‘key box’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Keyholders are trained professionals with years of experience working with locks and keys so they can handle any emergency. This solution also prevents unauthorised use of vacant premises, reducing insurance premiums — not just for theft but also for liability issues.

A visual deterrent

This service provides a visual deterrent for any potential intruders and vandals. With SIA licenced, uniformed guards manning the lock and unlock services centre, you can be assured that if an intruder tries to get in, they will be challenged, with an incident report filed quickly and efficiently. There are also lock and unlock services solutions for businesses that have completed refurbishment works or vacated their offices temporarily — lock and unlock services can prevent unauthorised use of these premises too!

Heightening safety is part of saving money

From making sure all the water taps have been turned off to ensure alarms have been set correctly and hazards have been identified, lock and unlock services will ensure your property is safe. You can also reduce your lighting and energy consumption to save money because guards will switch off unnecessary, power-hungry electronics, from light bulbs to computers, monitors, lamps and kitchen appliances etc. Before lock and unlock services are carried out, a pre-safety inspection is recommended. The lock and unlock service provider will need to see the property before work commences, so you can identify any potential hazards or risks associated with lock and unlock services.


Why choose Intraguard?

Intraguard offers Lock and Unlock services from staff that are both well-trained and professional. They will open your doors for business in the morning then lock up in the evening once your staff have headed home. This service can be offered with Key Holding security, combining protection for your building and assets. No matter when or where you need us, we can help, and you can learn more by getting in touch with our friendly management team today on 0207 183 5016. Alternatively, please send us a message, and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.