The overall purpose of the policy is to set out guidelines and purpose for the training and development of employee’s that have a skill need or career path.


The policy emphasises the importance of maintaining a continuous learning programme to develop a core of well-trained individuals whose performance will enhance the company’s abilities to perform at a level that is consistent with growth and profitability objectives.


The policy of the company is to ensure that all personnel are trained and become sufficiently experienced to the extent necessary to competently and effectively undertake their assigned activities and responsibilities. It is also the aim of the company to encourage its employees’ to make the most of learning opportunities to realise their own personal potential and enjoyment of their job.


The company shall attempt to create a learning environment where employees’ will be prepared to accept change, develop new skills and take responsibility for their own continuous learning, in partnership with their immediate manager and Managing Director, to ensure their effective contribution to the successful achievement of both business and personal goals.


The company’s success will depend on the professionalism, skill and commitment of all its employee’s.


The company aims to ensure that:

  • There is always an active training plan in place at the start of every financial year to cover the forthcoming 12-month period.
  • Sufficient funding is set-aside in the financial budget to cover planned training expenditure for the current / impending financial year.
  • Employees fully understand their job function and expected performance standards through having accurate job descriptions and an annual appraisal review.
  • Each employee has the opportunity to learn and become more experienced in his primary job function.
  • Each employee has the opportunity to learn and become experienced in secondary skills.
  • Each employee is enabled and actively encouraged to develop his/her personal potential.

Annual Appraisal System

The company has an annual appraisal system for each specific job description, which provides the Managing Director with the opportunity to review each employee’s performance. This will provide a mutual opportunity for developing objectives and agreeing targets in order to enhance personal performance and create training and development plans. The Managing Director will periodically review the success of any training and development plans according to the time frame agreed during an appraisal meeting.


New Employees

All new employees will undergo a company induction plan to include the following topics.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Arrest Procedure
  • Customer Service
  • Fire Awareness Procedures
  • EAS Tagging System awareness
  • Incident Reporting
  • Counter-Terrorism Training
  • Health & Safety
  • Dealing with Conflict

New starters will undergo an initial 3 months probationary period. During this time they must demonstrate a sufficient level of productivity and quality of workmanship. At the end of the probation period a formal review will take place involving the Employee, his/her immediate Manager and the Managing Director.


A training needs assessment will be carried out and relevant action plans agreed and implemented.


Training will be arranged by the Managing Director and funded by the company. This cost will not be reclaimed by the company under such circumstances where the company has terminated the employee’s contract of employment.


Training File

The Managing Director will be responsible for updating and maintaining the Training File that will hold the following documentation.


  • Company training & development policy
  • Skills & Competency Matrix of Management Team
  • Security Officers Score Card
  • Personnel Training Record Sheets
  • Certificates of External Training

 Human Resource Planning

The company’s statement of intent is as follows:


To offer training and development opportunities to all employees to maximise and utilise skills as effectively as possible, to increase the company’s skills base and experience base, to improve existing levels of performance and to maximise employee service retention.


The human resource planning strategy will be as follows:


To regularly update the skills & competency matrix to enable assessment of training and development needs.

To record attendance and certification of attended training events and to later review the success and effectiveness of training received.


Management Team

The role of the management team is crucial for the successful implementation of this strategy. Management must encourage and coach all employees to learn from problems, mistakes, challenges and successes inherent in their daily activities.


The Managing Director will be responsible for discussing, planning, implementing, organising and reviewing all management / employee training and development needs / plans in the pursuit of the company’s primary business objectives and with regard to long-term growth, operational stability, organisational change and personal fulfilment.