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Tips on Sourcing Security Guards in London

If you’re looking for a security company in London, then there are many factors to consider… Over 928,485 crimes were reported across London between June 2019 and June 2020. The statistics are unlikely to be surprising to those living or working in England’s capital, with the need to take precautions firmly understood.

That said, it’s clear that crime (and the fear of crime) impacts on the profitability for many businesses in London, yet there are many ways to ensure your buildings, people and assets remain safe and sound around the clock. Still, one of the most effective measures is sourcing security guards.

In-house vs outsourced security guards — what’s best?

Employing your team of guards

Thousands of businesses in London are victims of crime every year, and each incident can be costly. From physical damage to the downtime caused by loss of assets; issues can hurt the bottom line, as well as causing reputational damage. Employing security guards directly can be hugely beneficial because you can handpick the individual that you feel is the right fit for your company and culture, whilst other members of your team may see them as a part of the ‘family’.

That said, the process of employing a security guard can be costly, especially if you’re looking to cover a large site 24/7. You have to factor in shift patterns, holidays and sickness; then there is the ongoing training and specialist equipment to consider too. It can also be challenging and often rather time-consuming to find the right individual, with employment procedures that need following — whilst there’s not necessarily going to be ‘an easy way out’ if the person you choose misses the mark.

Hiring a security company

Most businesses choose to hire security guards from a proven, professional and experienced provider. Not only can you gain complete coverage for your site, but your guards will be a crucial aspect of your overall security strategy, which will also likely include mobile patrols, alarm response and CCTV remote monitoring. With added flexibility, you can scale up your provision or adapt it accordingly when your business needs to progress. By outsourcing your security, you can ensure you have adequate protection for one-off events or unplanned incidents — as part of a cost-effective strategy.

That said, the quality of security companies can vary considerably, especially in London where competition is particularly fierce, so do take the time to do your homework and speak to companies who are SIA approved. You should also seek recommendations and request to view insurance documents. At Intraguard, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs before handpicking security officers who not only ‘fit the brief’ but share in the clients’ goals and objectives, and of course, their values. On the other hand, if you feel as though a particular guard is not performing to the best of their ability, you can simply ask for a change of personnel.
Five top tips

1. Count on experience

We’ve already touched on the need to seek a proven company who currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding, however, it’s just as critical to understand each company’s level of experience in your industry. For example, suppose you’re looking to maximise protection for your warehouse. In that case, it’s essential to source a team of security guards who are highly skilled in preventing unwanted intruders from accessing sites just like yours, as well as checking gatehouses, carrying out risk assessments.

2. Consider static and mobile solutions

Let’s say you need to keep your stock monitored at all times but also require constant monitoring outside of site premises; in such a situation it may be best to combine static guarding for set access points, as well as mobile patrols. With an established security company in London, you can combine various integrated security services under one roof, saving you time, money and stress.

3. Seek a firm focused on guard training

Without regular training, no employee can perform their role to the best of their ability. When searching for a top-quality security company, it’s critical to hone in on the providers who put a lot of focus on training to ensure their competent and professional workforce is always improving standards and following industry best practice.

4. Look beyond the role of a traditional security guard

The world of security is continually evolving and today guards can carry out a multitude of other tasks as part of their roles, such as monitoring security cameras, interacting with customers, signing in visitors, carrying out reports and greeting your staff, visitors and customers.

5. Ignore off-the-shelf packages

There is no single ‘off-the-shelf’ package that works for every company. We know full well that a prescriptive approach simply does not work in the world of security, and that’s why we’re focused on providing genuinely tailored solutions. The majority of top security companies in London will provide bespoke solutions, whilst always keeping the changing needs of different sectors into consideration.

How proactive security leads to a positive workforce

Many of our clients see a massive shift in terms of happiness, morale and productivity across their workforce when they have professional security guards around them. In turn, this highly motivated workforce leads to improved security awareness and measures. At Intraguard, we have a wealth of experience in security management, delivering customised solutions across a multitude of disciplines, including:

• Retail
• Construction
• Corporate
• Energy
• Property
• Industrial
• Logistics
• Distribution

If you’d like to learn more about us, our London Security Services, or wish to tell us about the level of protection you need, please send us a message or call us today on 0207 183 5016.