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The Importance of Industrial Security

Why is industrial security so important? Overall, the UK’s industrial sector has increased by 1.4% a year since 1948. Every business operating out of industrial units, workshops, factories, plants and warehouses is critical to this consistent growth. Still, specific ongoing issues affect this industry, namely theft and vandalism. Many criminals target industrial, manufacturing and warehouse sites regularly, so why is this particular sector so popular among opportunist criminals?

• The (often) remote location of the site is a tempting target for burglars.
• High-value goods stored onsite.
• Many sites are unmanned out of regular working hours, such as weekends and bank holidays.
• Alarm systems are seen as less of a deterrent, especially for sites in remote locations.
• During working hours, doors remain open, especially during the summer months.
• The large size of industrial sites means it’s difficult to maintain total visibility, so thieves may be able to locate obscured entrances.

The financial cost of crime incurred by industrial businesses on an annual basis is quite frankly absurd, however, by combining modern technology with highly capable security professionals, it’s possible to develop a strategy that protects your people, tools, goods and buildings, whilst preventing trespassing and unauthorised entry.

The need for an ever-improving industrial security solution

Adding CCTV cameras, alarms, signs and keeping a closer watch on entrances is the first step for many small shops. Still, it’s not a security solution, and it certainly wouldn’t ‘fit the bill’ in the industrial sector. Every industrial building is unique, with different challenges and vulnerabilities, so a site assessment is a must before developing the right solution. At Intraguard, we always carry out checks whilst taking the time to get to know our clients’ businesses, people and processes to understand where we can provide optimum protection.

In most cases, we identify vulnerabilities that our clients’ have not even considered, so it’s a wise starting point when honing in on a solution that’s right for your industrial business. With any services and measures a security company recommends, it’s essential to understand the need to remain agile, because new dangers and vulnerabilities are constantly emerging.

What are some of the most popular industrial security services?

Without getting ‘under the skin’ of your business and assessing the security of your sites, it’s impossible to say what your tailored solution would involve; however, we can run through just a few of our most popular services for industrial businesses:

Static Manned Guarding

A crucial component in many physical security strategies, manned guards prevent entry onto a particular site and handle issues that might arise due to crime, taking confident and sharp action when it’s required. Guards are also responsible for informing key stakeholders of incident and risks whilst assisting in cases of serious offences. The term ‘static’ can be misleading in various respects because manned guards don’t merely cover one set access point, they may patrol a small area to detect and offences, accidents and damage to the building as well as securing company resources.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are ideal for large sites, allowing for adequate protection over a large area, with each unit responding to a central control room. Suppose you have one or a few large sites. In that case, you may need regular patrols with marked security vehicles, whilst guard dog patrols can prove the be highly effective in deterring opportunist thieves, especially late at night when lone worker protection is required.

CCTV Installations & Monitoring

CCTV is a crucial component in a security strategy because it enables warehouses, manufacturing sites and logistics centres to collect vital evidence in cases of crime, as well as deterring ‘would be’ intruders. Whether you own a single small workshop or several large warehouses, CCTV can be a highly valuable tool, especially if it’s monitored remotely around the clock. At Intraguard, we install CCTV cameras to work across large distances and provide remote monitoring solutions, which involves delivering audio challenges to unwanted visitors and issuing warning messages through site speakers.

Random Inspections and Bag Checks

Many warehouses and retail establishments depend on professional security teams to carry out random inspections and bag checks. It’s a sad truth, but nearly half of all product shrinkage stems from employee theft. Our officers communicate with our clients’ employees confidently and politely, helping to search bags and coats quickly and efficiently, minimising shrinkage. Bag checks and random inspects also help to maximise safety by ensuring prohibited items are identified and collected. Therefore, when these checks are carried out correctly, they improve workplace morale through safety.

Risk Assessments and evacuation procedures

Any responsible security guard will be trained to proactively ensure lives and property are protected from natural or human events, whether they are accidental, intentional or malicious. Experienced security guards will recognise the need for regular risk assessments and evacuation procedures. New vulnerabilities emerge all of the time, so there can never be a period where a guard can ‘sit back’ and count on the measures in place. Top-quality security for the industrial sector needs a combination of planned and responsive physical security, and a part of this is reassessing vulnerabilities and revisiting evacuation plans.

Do you need industrial security?

If you are looking to reduce risks and strengthen protection for your buildings, assets and people, we can help. As soon as we have gained a strong understanding of your business, the scale of your operations, your team and the value of your assets, we can recommend specific security measures and provide accurate costs. As discussed, a site survey is essential for industrial settings. By carrying out a visit at a time that’s right for you, we can identify areas where security requires improvement, and also eliminate issues that result in shrinkage.

To speak to our team about your industrial security needs, please call us on 0207 183 5016 or send us a message.