Intraguard Ltd delivers services in security industry. Intraguard Ltd employees often handle information and data of a sensitive and legal nature. Some of the environments that employees work within would require them to have had criminal record checks carried out Intraguard Ltd  take  all  the  reasonable  steps  to  ensure  the  suitability  of  its  staff members for these roles. Also, when working in the security industry (As defined by the Private Security Industry Act 2001), there is a requirement set out by BS7858:2019 and the SIA to carry out proprietary checks. This Policy explains what these criteria are, and how Intraguard Ltd ensure we fulfil them.


Intraguard Ltd  is  committed  to  equal  opportunities  for  all  its  existing  and  prospective employee’s irrespective of culture, gender, race, religious belief and faiths, nationality, ethnic origin, social background, sexuality, marital status, disability, real or suspected HIV/AIDS   status,   unrelated   criminal   convictions,   gender   realignment,   caring responsibilities for dependents and Trade Union membership. The Equality & Diversity Policy further support this.


Staff Vetting

Intraguard Ltd requires all operational staff members carry who deliver its services to been vetted to the standards set out in BS7858:2019.

For   other   positions   within   the   company, for   example   business   development, marketing, DBS checks are not carried out unless these individuals are expected to view sensitive information.  They may  become  aware  of  covert  operations,  and therefore  Intraguard  Ltd  have  taken  steps  to  ensure  that  all  employees  are  vetted  to BS7858:2019 as a minimum standard.


Personal Reference Check

Contact will be made with personal referee given by the applicant, to verify that the information the applicant has given is accurate, and to ascertain if there are any reasons why the applicant may not be suitable for the role.

This cannot be a family member, previous employer, or person residing at the same address as the applicant. They should be known for at least the last 2 years.


Employment Check

Previous employers will be contacted to ascertain the applicant’s conduct and to verify that the information provided (Job title, responsibilities etc.)  is accurate.

When conducting preliminary checks, it must cover a period of 5 years for full screening.


SIA License Check

If the applicant has an SIA License, his license number will be checked using the SIA License Checker Service. A print out will be kept on file.


DBS Check

As Intraguard Ltd is a company delivering security services to its clients, the clear majority of its employees will be licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), which carries out DBS (Formerly known as CRB) checks on all license holders.

Adverse Financial Check

To ensure that our employees are not subject to large, uncontrollable debts, an adverse financial check is carried out, through a credit reference agency such as Credit Safe/Experian/Equifax. The reason this is carried out is due to the risk of an individual being more susceptible to bribery and corruption.


Previous Address Check

Checks will be made, using a service such as Credit Safe/Experian/Equifax, to verify the previous addresses provided by the applicant.

This must cover a period of 5 years.


Recruitment & Selection

The recruitment and selection process play a fundamental and crucial role in the functioning and development of the Company and is therefore considered an integral part of the overall business strategy.

Intraguard Ltd is committed to establishing the following recruitment practice principles;

  • To recognize the personal selection decisions are an investment and that ill- considered decisions can lead to high employee turnover, inefficiency, disciplinary and ill health costs etc.
  • To identify the criteria against which to select the most suitable candidate by use of an up to date job description and person specification, which determines the precise mix of qualifications, experience, aptitude and competencies needed by applicants and the appropriate customer.
  • To use only appropriate, professional and effective interview techniques. To make employment decisions against pre-determined selection criteria ensuring the recruitment process, being both efficient and cost effective.
  • Ensure consistency of treatment for all applications across the Company.
  • Ensure Intraguard Ltd meets all legislative obligations arising through relevant employment legislation.


Recruitment Consideration

Prior to commencing recruitment, details of the post, customer requirements, the person specification and the method of recruitment should be carefully considered.

When a new position is required by Intraguard Ltd, the senior management team will consider what, if any, level of disclosure is needed, based upon industry standards. When any form of disclosure is required, this will usually be covered by the accreditation or licence holding requirements for the role. Whenever it is not, expert advice will be sought from HR/Legal Professionals working within the relevant industry.





Equal Opportunities

Intraguard Ltd is committed to its Equal Opportunity Policy. Managers should therefore ensure that they do not discriminate either directly or indirectly at any stage of the recruitment and selection process.


Job Descriptions

Before the recruitment process commences, a job description should be drawn up which should summaries the main responsibilities of the job and the contribution to the Company for which the job holder will be accountable.


The following requirements should be identified;

  • The qualifications necessary to do the job.
  • The skills, aptitudes, knowledge and experience.
  • The personal qualities relevant to the job, e.g. the ability to work as part of a team.
  • The person specification should not include unnecessary or marginal requirements that might in anyway discriminate.
  • Overall competency to do the job as far as practicable.


Recruitment Sources;


Internal Adverts/Candidates

Intraguard Ltd policy is to encourage employee development and to promote from within the Company wherever possible. Vacancies may therefore be advertised internally in the first instance.


External Source

Unsolicited Applications-Unsolicited speculative applications may be received from time to time. The suitability of the applicants can then be ascertained if a vacancy arises.


Advertising-Advertisements should be clear and state briefly;

  • The requirements of the job.
  • The necessary and desirable criteria for job applicants.
  • The Job location.
  • The salary/wage rate.
  • The benefits package.
  • The application procedure.
  • The length of the contract if not permanent.


Advertisements may be placed in a variety of media including the Company website, trade press, local/national press and the Company Newsletter.


Short Listing


In reviewing applications, each should be considered objectively and where applicable a short-list drawn up (the company acknowledges that short listing may not always be necessary). The following points should be remembered if shortlisting is to be used;

Use objective criteria and only shortlist those who meet the selection criteria as outlined on the person specification.

Avoid any form of discrimination on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, trade union membership or other grounds. Ask the candidates if they need any special requirement or assistance at the time of interview