The company recognises the legislation in respect of mobile phone usage whilst driving that came in to force and in particular has formulated this policy with due regards to the responsibility placed upon employers, and not just employees, in respect of the use of hand held communication devices whilst driving.



Employees who are required by the company to use either their own vehicle or a company vehicle (whether a bike, car, van, lorry etc.) should not use any hand held mobile phones, or other similar communication and entertainment devices while the vehicle is in motion. The company does not condone; and actively discourage the dialling our calls; or texting of messages; whilst the vehicle in in motion and on company business.


The company does not require employee to; and does not place them under an obligation to; make or receive calls on their mobile phones whilst driving. Where an employee wishes to do so, then the company encourage them to heed the following device;


  • To only use professionally fitted hand-free fits with phone cradles.
  • To switch all devices to voice mail while driving
  • To avoid calling colleagues when they are travelling to and from meetings.