We recognise that working alone is a significant hazard within our work practices and as a result Implemented measures to control this and keep this hazard to as low as possible. A risk assessment has been completed for working alone and controls.


The measures include:


  • Assessing the risks involved and the control measures that need to be put into place.


  • Ensuring that regular contact is made with the lone worker.


  • Ensuring that safe working practices are produced and implemented.


Check call procedures have also been established and are detailed in the assignment instructions; these are as follows;


  • For 1 operative sites; calls are required every hour while working alone
  • For 2 operative sites; calls are required every 2 hours


In the window of 10 minutes before and 15 minutes after, If the calls are not received from the officer during the specified time window, then the controller will call the officer and should there is no answer then a visit will be Scheduled to ensure that the officer is fine.


Responsibility for undertaking these measures has been delegated to Managing Director.


This procedure is vitally important for the safety and welfare of the Security Officer(s) and to the protection of the Clients premises and must be strictly followed at all times