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Keeping Your Premises Safe & Secure During Covid-19

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to devastate lives and livelihoods, it’s critical for businesses (of all sectors) to create a strategy for a safe working environment that protects employees for the challenging weeks and months ahead.

The recent headlines of vaccine success rates have helped lift the nation with a “clear light at the end of the tunnel”, yet there is still some way to go. Many businesses will be eager to wrap up 2020 and look to more good times in 2021, but now is the time to do everything possible to ensure your organisation is in a position to fire on all cylinders when we do step closer to ‘normality’. Whether you’re looking to tighten up safety and security measures in light of Covid-19, wish to plan a safe return to the workplace post ‘Lockdown 2’ or simply need to maximise security and safety while managing risks, we’ve detailed a series of key considerations below.


Risk Assessments

The Health and Safety at Work regulations put the onus on the employer to carry out risk assessments, and that’s especially important as we head deeper into this pandemic. All businesses should examine the risks that are present in their workplace and the precautions required to prevent harm. With an experienced and responsible security guard (or a team of security staff) monitoring your property, you can immediately take on a more proactive stance. Highly qualified SIA guards recognise the need for regular risk assessments and evacuation procedures, and they can play a pivotal role in ensuring the right number of people are in the premises at any given time, whilst ensuring teams are adhering to social distancing protocols as outlined by the government.


Proactive security monitoring during closures

New risks are emerging regularly, and until a proven vaccine has been successfully rolled out, we must all abide by government restrictions. There is set to be many local lockdowns soon, affecting different areas of the UK in different ways, however, even in cases of closure, it’s vital to maintain a high level of protection, especially for closed and empty offices, retail stores and commercial outlets. In light of the surge in temporary closures, mobile patrol services have become more prevalent in recent months.


Is manned guarding the answer?

This fundamental form of onsite security ensures a trained member of staff is ready to respond to security issues and oversee security over an allocated patrol. Manned guards can also be responsible for the prevention of entry onto a site, handling security issues that might arise due to crime, and to assist in the case of a severe offence. If you are concerned that you do not have adequate protection in place, manned guarding will ensure you always have a confident, professional and dependable individual onsite to respond confidently and swiftly to a situation.


Prevent the spread of infection

The coronavirus outbreak quickly spread to every continent, forcing us all to live with this virus, and that struggle is just as real today, especially here in the UK as we battle through the second wave. We must all do our utmost to prevent the spread of infection. Companies must implement health and safety measures to control the risk of disease. You should aim to keep your employees as physically safe as possible while reducing anxiety levels among team members. With regular deep-cleans and sanitation stations, you can help ease concerns and make staff feel more reassured, whilst further measures can include adding screens, moving desks, closing communal areas, replacing hand dryers with paper towels and disinfecting outdoor areas.


Don’t forget about the safety of those working from home

Allowing staff to work from home is so much more than a means of keeping your premises safe and helping to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus cases. Many businesses have been able to utilise homeworking as a cost-saving opportunity; however, you still need to ensure every team member working from home has the correct equipment and training, while DSE Assessments, which involves analysing workstations to assess and reduce risks.


Don’t neglect other risks

As coronavirus continues to dominate the headlines, it’s all too easy for businesses to be fixated on the risk of an outbreak in their workplace, but this can lead to the neglection of other severe risks. Fire will always represent numerous dangers to workplaces, in terms of the damage to premises and stock, as well as fatalities. If your workplace has created a new layout to comply with coronavirus safety guidelines, you may need to renew your fire safety and evacuation procedures. All staff returning to the workplace should be made aware of new safety arrangements, and you may also want to stage a fire drill as an extra precaution, with social distancing guidelines enforced at all times. With a highly skilled team of security officers, it’s considerably easier to maintain an ‘always on’ approach to risk as they emerge.


“Safety isn’t expensive; it’s priceless.”

We know just how tough it is out there for many businesses. Managing all of the new risks whilst keeping your staff informed with every new government guideline is difficult at the best of times, but we’re here to give you a helping hand. We are still operating as usual and can provide a comprehensive range of security services across the UK to protect your people, buildings and assets. We cover all sectors, from industrial to corporate, construction, retail, hospitality and leisure.

Whether you require a temporary solution during Covid-19 or need a long-term solution that gives your company the proactive protection it needs to thrive, please get in touch with us today on 0207 183 5016 or send us a message and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.