How do You Secure a Vacant Commercial Property?

Commercial property managers are responsible for the safety and security of vacant commercial properties. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your building is protected from vandalism or theft, and we’ve touched on some of the most critical tasks below.


Installing exterior locks on doors and windows

Having high-quality locks on doors and windows will prevent break-ins. If you’re in a part of the country that is particularly vulnerable to crime, consider investing in metal bars for your windows and solid doors with deadbolt locks. It’s also worth considering the quality, robustness and strength of your doors and windows. With high-security steel doors, you can protect your property from fire and theft whilst also bringing your insurance premiums down too.


Outdoor security cameras

Every building is bound to have areas of concern, such as your openings. Even if you have the strongest doors and windows in the world, it’s beneficial to have extra deterrents in place, and CCTV cameras are ideal for properties of all sizes. With outdoor security cameras running 24-7, you’re not only deterring opportunistic crimes, but you’re also ensuring you can collect vital evidence in the event of vandalism, theft, arson or trespassing.


Speak to your local police force

It’s always wise to speak with local police about their recommendations, as well as their response time to crimes committed on your property. Additionally, you should make sure that all employees know the steps they need to take after hours, should they encounter trouble while patrolling the building or discover broken locks.


Changing locks and installing new alarm systems

In the property management sector, it’s crucial to change locks and install new alarm systems after a full tenancy change over. No matter what arrangements you have with your tenants, it’s always wise to scale up the security of a building before returning it to empty/vacant status. This will protect your property from criminal activity that may lead to further damage or financial loss.


Security lighting

One of the best ways to discourage intruders is by installing LED security lights around buildings and car parks. Not only are they bright enough for 24-hour surveillance, but they’re less likely to attract bugs than traditional light bulbs.


Hiring security guards

When you have a team of security guards to take care of your property, you’re able to monitor the entire property and car park during the day and at night, as well as periods of vacancy. This reduces the likelihood that an individual or organisation will commit vandalism, burglary or theft against your building. You’ll struggle to find a more effective deterrent than a proactive, professional and experienced security guard patrolling the premises. With the right team, you’re able to enjoy a multitude of services such as manned guarding, mobile security patrols, fire watch, lock/unlock, alarm response and remote CCTV monitoring. It’s the best approach to maximising protection around the clock.

Of course, the most common offenders tend to strike at night as this is when you’re least likely to catch them in the act. If belongings are stolen or damaged once the owner has left — and before they’ve secured the premises with CCTV surveillance cameras, alarms and locks — finding out who did it can be extremely difficult. Doors need to remain locked if you don’t have a commercial security service keeping watch over your building during periods of vacancy. When you’re not able to monitor access points such as doors, windows and gates, you’re leaving your property open to burglary. Choosing a commercial security partner to take care of your buildings is not as expensive as you might expect either. A professional guard will check all entries and exits and monitor any activity inside the building every hour. This kind of attention is hard for an average individual — or even other businesses in the area — to match for less money than they’d think.


Vacant property insurance

Having adequate insurance in place may give you some peace of mind because you know you will be covered for any eventuality. This is especially important for vacant properties.  Whether the space is kept on a rental agreement, or you own the property, and it’s vacant, make sure that any insurance you have for this asset covers against theft. Be aware of what your insurer will consider a covered ‘event’ to determine the kind of damage they will cover. Check that you will have cover in place for the most common forms of damage for vacant properties, which is typically theft and vandalism.


Regular Risk Assessments

You need a proactive approach to identifying any vulnerabilities there may be in your business. Talk with your staff about anything that can be improved, and get local information and news to see what’s going on in your community. This will assist you in identifying areas of your security that may be enhanced.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can begin protecting your commercial property against crime 24 hours a day, seven days a week, please get in touch with our friendly team today. We take the time to understand your requirements and develop solutions that meet your needs, keeping your people, assets and buildings safe and sound.