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How do I Keep my Premises in London Safe and Secure?

Last summer, it was reported that crime was rising five times faster in London than the rest of England. The impact of business crime in England’s capital can be severe, particularly for small or medium-sized enterprises, where the losses can see firms close their doors for good. In today’s climate, you must take measures to protect your premises, no matter your size or sector. Hiring a security company in London may be a great solution, but read on to find some more.


Eliminate weak spots

Whether you need to repair your existing fencing, strengthen doors, fit window locks or add robust roller shutters to your openings, it’s important to add layers of protection. Even if you make sure the traditional physical security layers are strong and reliable (such as windows, doors, locks and fencing), you can start deterring, delaying and denying trespassers, vandals and burglars access from your premises in London, protecting your valuable goods — and ultimately the livelihoods of your staff!


Invest in CCTV and alarms

CCTV cameras may not be the most straightforward security tools to install; however, they are highly effective in reducing crime and protecting your business. They can deter opportunistic and sophisticated burglars from identifying your premises as a place worth targeting, yet they can even prevent crimes already in progress. With remote CCTV monitoring services from Intraguard, audio warning systems and multiple cameras provide deterrence and coverage over a large site. The audio warnings announce via speakers that the intruder is currently under surveillance, guaranteeing a fast response time for security incidents. With any CCTV cameras, they should be strategically positioned at all of the entry and exit points. Many businesses see crime against their buildings reduce drastically when CCTV cameras are added. You do, however, need to look out for certain features to choose a quality CCTV system, such as:

  • High-quality footage (an HD or 4K image capable of showing faces and car registration numbers, with the option to pan and zoom)
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • Cloud storage
  • Easy-to-use app


Take advantage of a tidy workplace

If your buildings are rather filthy or don’t quite look as sleek and professional as they once did — perhaps due to a lack of maintenance — you may be inviting costly problems! With clutter, dirt and overgrown plants, intruders are more likely to favour your site over another. It’s a signal that you don’t keep on top of things. When you have clean buildings with well-maintained systems, criminals will most likely think again and move on to targeting a site that seems easier to break into.


Build relationships with local authorities

Local authorities are pivotal institutions in their respected communities, both socially and economically. If you run a high-street retail store and manage to build personal relationships with a council’s team or even your elected MP, you will naturally help shape a sense of community and trust. With regular dialogue, you can ensure your premises’ security and the companies around you remain at the forefront of the council’s collective thinking. Over time, that can make a meaningful difference, with critical improvements to infrastructure like street cameras, lighting, policing and maintenance.


Get to know your neighbours

Much like the point above, you can never underestimate the power that comes from getting to know the businesses around you. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever that communities help one another, especially in a major city like London. When you have people within your neighbourhood whom you can trust, you will always have loyal people who will keep an eye on your buildings when you’re not around, and they may notice something mysterious and inform you right away.


Hire a trusted London Security Company

Whether you’re searching for a security companies in London out of convenience or for complete peace of mind, there are different firms out there with specific areas of expertise, so it’s essential to start thinking about the kind of services that will serve your business well moving forwards. At Intraguard, our SIA licenced guards to provide tailored security services, such as manned guarding, reception services, key-holding, alarm response, CCTV monitoring, guard dog patrols and vacant property security. We help businesses large and small and cover all areas of London. So whether you’re looking to protect your shop, construction site, vacant apartments, warehouse or office, we will take to time to learn more about your needs and develop a solution that protects your people, buildings and assets.

You can learn more about us and how we can help you by calling our friendly team today on 0207 183 5016. Alternatively, please send us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.