Construction Security

How do I Keep My Construction Site Secure?

Construction sites may often be seen as high-risk environments because of the work involved, but even for those sites across the UK that “never seem to sleep,” they can at times be particularly vulnerable, especially to organised burglars. And so what role does construction site security play? 

Whether you wish to protect your valuable machinery, need help protecting overnight workers or want to maximise protection for the infrastructure in place (such as gas, water and electricity), there are various steps that manager can take to keep their site safe.



Installing floodlights on your construction site will play an essential role in deterring criminals. When you’re able to make the site highly visible, intruders, vandals, and thieves become much easier to spot, even deep into the night.


Install CCTV and alarms for Construction Security

CCTV is a powerful security tool because it allows construction companies to monitor premises around the clock; acquiring vital evidence should a crime occur. Between September 2012 and September 2013, approximately 6,000 instances of theft occurred at construction sites in the UK, with Plant equipment was commonly targeted, along with metals and tools. It’s said that 21% of incidents occurred where sites were simply left unsecured, so you can quickly see just how beneficial it is to lock up properly and position cutting-edge CCTV cameras on-site, as well as implementing an alarm system.

Many CCTV and alarm systems work in perfect harmony and can be linked in real-time to a central control. With HD or 4K resolution, the footage gained offers valuable evidence in any criminal proceedings. A piercingly loud alarm will undoubtedly shock opportunistic and organised thieves, meaning they may vacate your site before they can steal any equipment or cause any damage. Another option is the ‘silent alarm’, which is designed to contact the police directly without the intruders being made aware of the fact they’re in the process of being caught red-handed.


Lock equipment and materials away securely

According to the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), one in five tradespeople experience theft or vandalism every week. One of the leading causes is having an unsecured construction site, particularly at night and over weekends or holiday “shutdowns”. It’s crucial site managers and supervisors have a fortress mentality. Ensure your perimeter fencing and access gates are as strong and as secure as possible, and be sure to carry prominent warning signs, so the criminals know they’re in for an arduous task! We know that simple advice such as “keep your vehicles and machinery locked away” is not always as easy as it sounds after a hectic day, but evaluating risks before you leave site can save you thousands of pounds.


Install fencing or secure concrete barriers

Sometimes it’s the conventional methods that are the most effective. If you make sure you have fencing or an established barrier around the premises from the get-go, you will naturally discourage potential criminals from trespassing. At the same time, you will be delivering a clear indication of the area in which your construction site is situated. Many construction sites in the UK now utilise electric fencing — that’s one way to make trespassers, thieves, and vandals think again!

Outsource your security

Building sites are hectic workplaces where workers are constantly arriving and leaving, yet each contractor is working tirelessly to meet strict deadlines. There will be days when it’s simply not possible to lock up every valuable asset, and this is where outside help can be very advantageous. When you hire construction security guards for locking up the site, conducting patrols, monitoring CCTV and providing key-holding or alarm response, you’re able to get the complete package. At Intraguard, we know first-hand what it takes to protect a construction site and ensure your premises, people, equipment, machinery, building materials and other assets remain safe and secure around-the-clock.


What about risks from within?

As many construction workers will know, risks are not always external. Therefore, it’s critical to carry out regular, thorough background checks before hiring contractors. That’s not to say that thorough screening will completely eradicate any possibility of internal theft; however, it gives you a good starting point for building a dependable team. You may want to hire manned guards to patrol your site out-of-hours or carry out bag checks at the end of play. Our SIA guards are industry credited and have been through the proper training to protect construction sites to a high standard.

If you’d like to learn more about us, our construction security processes, services or experience, please get in touch with our management team today on 0207 183 5016. At Intraguard, we provide tailored security services, utilising the latest technology while ensuring our guards complete relevant training programs to nurture a professional, confident, and proactive team with plenty of experience in the construction sector.