It is the policy of the Intraguard Limited to uphold, promote and demand the highest standards of ethics and conduct from all of its employees and suppliers.

All staff shall maintain the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty, fairness and professional standards in providing the services to the Intraguard Limited Clients and the service users.

Employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to them by the company and by their clients. Confidential information should not be shared other than those who need to know to perform the services required by the clients and disclosure is signed.

All information must be stored and communicated as per the GDPR and the Company confidentiality policy.

Intraguard Limited employees must demonstrate respect for the rights of others and accept accountability for his or her actions.

Employees shall never discriminate anyone and must not act against the Equality and Diversity Act and Company Policy.

Actions involving theft, fraud, falsification of records, conflicts of interest, breach of confidentiality and other improprieties are the direct violation of this policy.

Employees shall protect the property of the company, client, and the property of the site where they are deployed. Client property shall not be used without authorization.

Actions or activities that create a conflict between the interests of the Intraguard Limited and an employee are unacceptable.

A conflict may occur when an employee receives or request gifts from a services user. Also in case, the employee works with the competitor without authorisation while employed by Intraguard Limited.

Employees are encouraged to seek assistance from their managers if they have any concern.

Managing Director and Contracts Managers are responsible for implementing and monitoring compliance with this policy.

Any breach of this policy or local law could result in disciplinary action being taken and ultimately could result in dismissal.