All employees of Intraguard Limited are required to observe and abide by the company’s “Staff Rules” which are listed below. Breaches of these will be investigated and deal with under the company disciplinary procedure, as and when the circumstances require.


Time Keeping & Absence from Work

  • Unless previously authorised, you must be punctual for work at the required time as sated in your contract of employment or as arranged by your line manager.
  • You must observe any stated lunch or tea breaks.
  • Unless previously authorised, you should not leave work before the finishing time stated in your contract of employment or as arranged by your line manager.
  • Any absence, late arrival or early departure from work must be documented and authorised, whether this is paid or unpaid holiday, sickness, maternity or paternity leave, or other time off; otherwise it will be regarded as unauthorised absence.
  • Unauthorised absence from work may, depending on the circumstances, be constructed as a breach of contract resulting in dismissal from the company.



  • Do not intimidate, harness, threaten or coerce fellow employees by using physical violence, improper language or other disorderly conduct.
  • Do not gamble on company and company client premises
  • You are required to maintain a tidy work environment.
  • You are require to dress appropriately as per the agreed uniform with the client
  • You should maintain an appropriate level of personal cleanliness.
  • You must follow all reasonable instructions of supervisors or managers.


Company Property

  • Do not abuse, deface or wilfully damage company property.
  • Company vehicles may only be used by authorised employees.
  • All company property should be used only for company activities and should not used for personal reasons unless previously authorised by a senior manager.
  • Do not interfere with anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare.
  • Use your work time only for company responsibilities and not for personal projects or activities, unless previously authorised.
  • Pets and other animals (excluding guide dogs) are not permitted on company and company client premises.


Administrative Procedure

  • You must follow any written procedures concerning holidays, expenses, benefits etc. which are circulated or notified form time to time.
  • You are required to be truthful when completing any documentation relevant to company use, which includes the completion of all personnel forms, medical records, other company forms and sickness certificates.
  • It is contrary to company rules under all circumstances to falsify the time or attendance records of yourself or a fellow employee or encourage a fellow employee to take such action on your behalf.


Health and Safety

  • You are required to abide by and observe the company and its client Health and Safety Policy at all times, as well as any general or specific guidance as specified under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • You must take reasonable care to promote the health and safety at work of yourself and your fellow employees.
  • You are required to follow safe, normal work procedures and use inly the equipment which you are authorised to use.
  • In the event of fire or other alarms follow standing instructions and the orders given by your supervisor or manager, immediately and in an orderly manner.
  • Do not carry any form of weapon, explosive or inflammable substance on to the company and its client premises.



  • Do not convey to any person not in the company’s employment any document relating to the business of the company except those published for distribution to the general public.
  • Do not fill in or discuss any trading, marketing or financial surveys of any nature unless authorised in writing by a director of the company
  • Do not discuss or disclose any matters concerning financial operations or trading practices to any authorised person within the company or to persons outside the company.


Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas except those designated as “smoking areas” and you are required to make yourself familiar with the company policy regarding smoking. Smoking in breach of this policy will be treated as gross misconduct.
  • Do not bring alcohol on to company and its client premises or consume alcohol while on duty and before start of duty.
  • Do not use, be under the influence of, or bring to the company and its client premises any form of narcotics.


Telephone Calls

  • Company and its client phones are to be uses for company business only.
  • Under no circumstances are telephones calls permitted to aby Premium Rate Lines or to number abroad.
  • Personal calls are not permitted except in case of emergency or where authorised in advance by your line manager